Acquisition Manager

Cole Borror is a distinguished individual in the real estate sector, recognized for his innovative approach to uncovering exceptional deals in single-family and multifamily properties through his proprietary off-market platform. His dedication to professional development is evident in his achievement of a Master’s in Real Estate Development from Nova Southeastern University in 2020. Passionate about health and fitness, Cole Borror applies the same discipline and resilience required in sports to his professional pursuits, maintaining a well-rounded approach to both his career and personal life.

At Sierra Capital Club, Cole Borror’s role extends beyond that of a typical Acquisition Manager. His comprehensive experience in off-market residential investments and single tenant net lease (STNL) investments underscores his commitment to leading transformative initiatives within the company. As he continues to redefine the STNL real estate sector, Cole Borror exemplifies the profound influence of resilience, ingenuity, and discipline.


Phone: (954) 325-6152