Unveil the pinnacle of commercial real estate, where discipline crafts opportunity and collaboration drives success

Unveil the pinnacle of commercial real estate, where discipline crafts opportunity and collaboration drives success


At Sierra Capital Club, we harness the power of discipline and market acumen to unlock premier real estate investments. As a beacon of consistency in commercial real estate, we forge community and success, ensuring each venture is as steadfast as the mountains that inspire us.

with the right plan and enough discipline anything is achievable

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What we do


Our investment acumen encompasses a broad spectrum of commercial real estate ventures, assuring that we deliver strategic investment opportunities and market insights to individuals and partners alike.


Strategic Investment Planning

Sierra Capital Club specializes in acquiring and developing single-tenant net lease properties throughout the United States. Using its vast network of broker relationships, SCC is able to identify investment opportunities that provide above-market returns for the company and its partners.


Asset Management and Growth

Asset management is crucial for maximizing property value and ensuring efficient income generation through effective lease and occupancy management. Sierra Capital Club’s strategic planning and risk mitigation, include maintaining each property and complying with legal requirements. Efficient management helps in controlling operating costs, thereby improving net operating income. Good asset management enhances the property's appeal to investors and buyers, crucial for refinancing or selling. It also focuses on tenant satisfaction and retention, key for consistent revenue.


Relationship Building

We specialize in protecting, managing, and maximizing the relationships we have built in the industry over the last decade. At Sierra Capital Club, tenants and brokers are our clients. Clients are to be treated as friends, family, and partners. Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” We value and respect the relationships we have built. It is only through integrity and communication with one another that we can all succeed.


Market Adaptation and Innovation

Sierra Capital Club believes that market adaptation and innovation are vital for staying competitive and meeting evolving market demands. By utilizing the latest in CRE software technology, Sierra Capital club maximizes investment opportunity prospecting and management in order to stay ahead of industry trends. Adapting to market changes ensures that real estate offerings remain relevant and attractive to tenants and investors. Our agility is key in responding to economic shifts, regulatory changes, and evolving tenant needs.

“Ty Barbo’s more than a decade of collaboration has shown his exceptional integrity and deal-closing ability. His unwavering reliability makes him an ideal partner in the commercial real estate sector.”

Mike James

Founder & CEO
Guernsey Holdings – LLC 92nd largest franchisee in the world

“Nick Kaye is an exceptional real estate professional with an utmost commitment to transparency, integrity, and reliability. His clear communication and ethical standards establish a foundation of trust, while his professionalism ensures expert guidance through any transaction.”

Corinne Knupp

Chief Financial Officer & Sr. Vice President of Operations
Elstein Group

“Over the years, Nick Kaye’s keen understanding of the market, strategic insights, and ability to identify lucrative investment opportunities have been invaluable. This has made him an indispensable partner in our investment journey, and we look forward to working with him for years to come.”

Michael Schmidt & Andy Shapiro

Managing Principals
Private Investors with 100+ LLC’s

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Nick Kaye and his team on a multitude of commercial real estate transactions. Nick has consistently demonstrated an innate ability to find creative solutions and deliver with prompt execution. I look forward to our next endeavor together.”

Joseph Nathanson

JJ Assets, LLC

“Ty Barbo is going to be a CRE Titan on the level of a Barry Sternlicht. His smarts and market knowledge is top notch, but what sets him apart is his relentless discipline and grit. He’s a man of outstanding integrity and someone I want to do deals with for decades to come.”

W. Matthew Davis

Founder and CEO
Davis Companies

“Since 2015, Ty Barbo has consistently demonstrated excellence in the industry. Understanding all aspects of deals and showing remarkable skill, I look forward to many more successful transactions with him.”

Tony Anderson & Richard Brehaut

Senior Vice Presidents
CBRE – AB Group

“Working with Ty Barbo brings creativity and precision to each deal, ensuring clean, structured transactions. His team’s commitment to transparency, honesty, and integrity, coupled with top-notch professionalism, makes every collaboration worthwhile.”

Andrew Jaworski

Vice President
CBRE Investment Properties | Capital Markets

who we work with

Acquisition Criteria

  • Single tenant
  • Portfolios of long-term Sale leasebacks with strong corporate credit
  • 5 years or less
  • Distribution Centers, Data Centers, Equipment Rentals, Roofing Supply
  • Single tenant
  • Auto Parts, Pharmacies, QSRs, Banks, Gas Stations, Convenience, Casual Dining, Hardware, Big Box, Grocery
  • 5 years or less
  • Vacant QSRs, Vacant Pharmacies and Grocery Anchored Pad Sites
  • Single tenant
  • Portfolios of long-term sale leasebacks with strong corporate credit
  • 5 years or less
  • Urgent Cares, Radiology, Hospitals, Animal Hospitals, Renal Care, Dialysis, Plasma, Dental
  • Grocery Anchored Pad Sites
  • Vacant QSRs
  • Vacant Pharmacies on Hard Corners
  • Vacant Banks

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