CEO & Managing Partner

In the competitive realm of commercial real estate, Ty has distinguished himself through dedication and discipline, first as a celebrated NNN broker and then as COO of Gorgon Capital, where he oversaw $300 million in acquisitions. Leadership skills refined as the President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at UCLA and in the field have been crucial in his ascent to James Capital Advisors’s Agent of the Year and in guiding his new company’s strategic vision. As an Ironman-in-training, Ty draws parallels between the endurance required in sport and business, pushing limits and embracing challenges with equal fervor. His commitment to excellence is comprehensive, influencing not only his professional actions but also personal health and well-being. With Sierra Capital Club LLC, he has cultivated a community that values transparency and integrity, aiming to demonstrate that success is accessible to all, regardless of starting point. This ethos drives his mission: to prove that discipline and collaboration can reshape the landscape of opportunity in commercial real estate.

Email: ty@sierracapitalclub.com

Phone: (714) 655-4501‬